Pasifika Resilience

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Covid Pacific Response Logo.png

Our Pasifika people are strong when we work together. We want to support and build resilience in the Pasifika community through this pandemic, one way is to help our communities navigate through the latest information and health guidelines, especially if there is an emergency.


Pasifika Leaders Training Workshop

Our first step is to provide training for people who are in a leadership capacity or have influence in the community. The aim is that they can become part of an integrated, regional Pasifika led Pandemic/ Response Team. With this in mind, we are running workshops to help our community become familiar with current emergency response models.


What will the workshops cover?

We are working together with WREMO (Wellington Region Emergency Management Office) to provide training in household emergency planning and how a Community Emergency Hub operates.


How can I can register for the next workshop?

Online Registration Form or email us:

Upcoming Leaders Training workshops

Our latest workshop was held Saturday 7 May. Our next set of workshops will be sometime in late July or August. It is most likely that it will be held in the evening during the week.