Haakuitanga Haakorotanga Māori Parenting Programme

Ngā Whakamarama  |  Service Description

A nine week block Māori Parenting Programme that gives parents an understanding of and learning in effective parenting skills.

The programme consists of the following:
  • connecting to whakapapa.

  • how your personal journey influences the way you parent your tamariki

  • traditional roles of wahine and tane

  • human development, focussing on infancy childhood and adolescence

  • parent and child safety, including physical and emotional safety

  • understanding the negative aspects of the misuse of power and control


Objective of the programme:

The aim of this programme is to create a greater sense of the understanding and responsibility of the parenting role amongst Māori whānau in order to provide a nurturing and safe environment for tamariki.


Mā wai ēnei mahi?
Can anyone use this service?
  • Māori whānau

  • Mixed tane/wahine groups

  • Whānau living in the Hutt Valley

  • This programme is free and confidential


Waea Mai
Who do I contact to find out more?

Phone 04 920 1460, and ask for a member of the NET Team for more information.    Come see us at Kokiri Marae, 7  - 9 Barnes Street, Seaview, Lower Hutt 5014



He aha te mea nui o te ao?

What is the most important thing in the world?

It is people, it is people, it is people.


Te Taonga o taku ngakau

Te Taonga o taku ngakau

Ko taku mokopuna e 

E korikori mokopuna

Engari ,hei aha, hei aha ra !!

Ko te mea nui

Ko te aroha

Kaua ra e patu

Taku mokopuna

Me awhi awhi mai Taku mokopuna

Haututu e ! 

The greatest thing in my heart is my little mokopuna

He’s a tutu little mokopuna !!

Engari ,hei aha, hei aha ra !!

The greatest thing to give is your aroha, so don’t you smack my mokopuna

just awhi awhi mai my little mokopuna e !