Nurture, Teach, Enjoy

NET's Nurture Enjoy Teach is a home visiting programme offered before birth and up until a child is two if necessary. The programme is based on the principle that the first few years of a child’s life are the most important and focuses on supporting parents to build a positive, loving and nurturing relationship with their baby.

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Family Start helps:
  • Children grow strong, learn, stay healthy and have positive relationships

  • Parents and caregivers to be more confident about caring for their child

  • Families/ whanau create a strong and positive future for their child

Family Start whanau workers:
  • Visit weekly in the first few months and get to know the family

  • Support families to keep their babies/children safe and healthy

  • Promotes the new "Parenting Resources" during parenting education sessions to help families understand children’s needs at different ages and stages as they grow

  • Help families work out what they want to achieve, change or improve, and make a plan with them to help them get there

  • Offer ideas and encouragement, and help families solve problems as they work towards their goals

  • Help families access resources and services in the community

Family Start is available in suburbs of Lower Hutt City and Upper Hutt City. Anyone can refer. Referrals are accepted from before birth up until a baby is one year of age.