Brain Development Seminars

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Our reach is to Pasifika babies and their magafaoa/ aiga/ familiy. 

At birth, a baby's brain contains 100 billion neurons, roughly as many nerve cells as there are stars in the Milky Way, and almost all the neurons the brain will ever have.


One of the many facts and figures we share at our free relaxed Pasifika Baby Braintalks parent/grandparent/ aiga/ magafaoa/ famili group events.


Our seminars are open to all families and is free and are up to 90 minutes long. There are morning seminars and evening seminars. You choose which suits you.


All children are welcome, and kai is always served free of charge. We offer this event free. Transport can be arranged to and from the event.

The next event is on 23 February 2022. Please register online using the registration form.